Researchers look for medical proof music therapy helps kids with autism
Laura DeGennaro demonstrates a music therapy session.

Music therapy demonstration.

Some therapists have been using music for years to help kids on the autism spectrum overcome issues of hyperactivity or speech. But evidence it’s clinically effective is mostly anecdotal. And insurers don’t pay for therapies that have only anecdotal support. Now, researchers are in the final stages of a study that hopes to provide the rigorous scientific proof that music therapy is effective. Uptown Radio, May 8, 2015

A Baltimore mom teaches her sons how to protest for change

Police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray are facing criminal charges in Baltimore. The city has seen marches all week. Karsonya Wise Whitehead, the author of “Letters to my Black Sons: Raising Boys in Post-Racial America,” joined the protests alongside her two sons, aged 12 and 14. Uptown Radio, May 1, 2015

Small businesses call for protection from rising rents

Paul’s Burgers, near the site of an explosion in the East Village

In the last ten years, the price of commercial space in Manhattan has almost doubled. Now, some politicians and an advocacy group are pushing to pass long-stalled legislation to protect small businesses from rising rents. Uptown Radio, April 17, 2015

Twin astronauts will help determine effects of space on human health

Two astronauts will spend a year at the International Space Station. One of them, American Scott Kelly, has a twin brother, former astronaut Mark Kelly, back on Earth. Researchers are taking advantage of the unique opportunity to research the effects of space on human health by performing regular medical tests on both brothers. Uptown Radio, March 27, 2015

Hotels keep popping up in industrial Long Island City
Long Island City view

Long Island City view

Long Island City is seeing a hotel boom. Ten years ago, this gritty industrial neighborhood had just one hotel. Now, it has around 25, with 20 more in development. The transition to hip tourist destination doesn’t come easy to local manufacturing businesses. Uptown Radio, March 27, 2015

Commentary: I wished I had my twin sister’s life

Me and Manon

I grew up doing the same activities as my twin sister. But after high school, our paths veered in starkly different directions. It took time before I could fully embrace my new life alone. Uptown Radio, March 13, 2015

Audio postcard: in the mountains, you don’t complain about the snow

Hunter Mountain

Last month was the coldest February on record since 1934. In the city, that meant dangerous ice on the roads, freezing winds, and never-ending piles of dirty snow. Upstate, that meant the best snow conditions in years – and a lot of happy skiers. Uptown Radio, March 13, 2015

New York companies prepare to join “pot-com boom”

The state of New York will only license a few companies to grow and sell medical marijuana once the program rolls out next year. Those lucky companies will get the lion’s share of the profits from this budding industry. Now, hopeful contenders are getting ready for a fierce competition. Uptown Radio, Feb. 27, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys fly off the shelves
Museum of Sex

Museum of Sex

The movie 50 Shades of Grey came out the Friday before Valentine’s Day. And Hollywood wasn’t the only one cashing in. Since the erotic series launched, stores have increasingly sold bondage- and movie-related sex toys. Day story. Uptown Radio, Feb. 13, 2015

Audio Postcard: Inwood Canoe Club

Manhattan is an island, but its residents often forget they are surrounded by water. The Inwood Canoe Club wants to change that. For less than the price of a couple of hot dogs, the club offers public kayaking tours every Sunday of the summer. I reported and produced this piece for a class at the Columbia Journalism School.  Aug. 28, 2014