Transportation’s carbon footprint:

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Climate change:

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New York:

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Finding home: the piecemeal journey from El Salvador to Long Island The story of eight relatives, six of them children traveling alone, fleeing violence in El Salvador, and of the woman trying to hold the family together. I reported (in Spanish) and wrote this story for my Master’s thesis at the Columbia Journalism School over winter and spring 2014-2015. Photos and an 8-minute piece on the role of Central Americans in local politics on Long Island accompany the written piece., March 23, 2015

Breaking the cycle A former inmate who now studies religion at UCLA leads a service project to tutor incarcerated youth in a probation camp in Los Angeles. This months-long project included several in-depth interviews and mini-audio stories, which are accessible at the link. It ran on the front page of the school newspaper. UCLA Daily Bruin, Feb. 24, 2014